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About The Property Management Connection

The Property Management Connection is recognized as a company offering a consistent quality property management services. With 40 plus years of expertise and our continued education program for our staff has contributed to our leasing agents receiving award winning recognition in the industry.

As a Full Service Management Company our services include:

  • Leasing Services
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Full Accounting and Reporting with a detailed Year End Statement
  • Real Time owners monthly statements
  • Inspections Services
  • On Line Owners Portals
  • On Line Tenant Portals
  • Move in and out inspections with pictures
  • Eviction programs available ( elective)
  • Eviction proceedings (cost to owner)
  • Vacancies shown by appointment ( no passing keys for ID’s)
  • Full detailed back ground screening on a national bases
  • Marketing to our 200 web sites
  • Visible sign post
  • Marketing network throughout the area including Rental Agencies, Real Estate and Locator services
  • Rental Collection procedures that are very effective
  • Addressing and correction violations from homeowners Associations and municipalities
  • Professionally handling and correcting complaints and inquiries from residents and neighbors

Our Mission

Our mission at The Property Management Connection is to make your experience with your real estate investment an easy, enjoyable and profitable . With our dedicated management team we make it our mission to:

  • Improve return and overall cash flow
  • Increase stability with lower turnovers
  • Protect your investment
  • And make your life easier!

What Our Customers Say

  • Ruth C.

    The Property Management Connection has turned out to be a very reliable property management company over the past few years. What I really love about them is they are always quick about getting back to me and they're happy to answer all of my questions...

  • Barbara S.

    I have used these folks for the last 4 years. I have had 2 different tenants in there and was quite happy with both of them. The last tenant is still there after almost three years! If repairs are ever needed they respond quickly and get the job done without me having to worry.

  • Isabel k.

    Very easy and hassle free company to deal with. They are always very professional. Their always very good to me, and I would recommend any investor to use them.

  • Dan C.

    I'm very happy with the work they have been doing for me the last year. I always feel like their top client and the results I've got have been great. The tenants they have found me are great, and the rent checks are consistent couldn't be more pleased!

  • Darlene L. Young

    I'd love to keep renting through you since I know you are good managers and good people :)! Thanks Leslie and Becky!

  • Jean and Robin

    We are very happy with you and Bob, no matter what the name is. Good luck, I am sure most of or all of your customers feel the same way.

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