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Multi Family Property Management

Managing single-family homes is challenging enough, but when you multiply that responsibility with multi-family properties, your business (and profits) can suffer tremendous growing pains.

At The Property Management Connection we’ve created every internal system and structure you’ll need to support your growing real estate empire. Not only does this free you up to focus on growing your business, but you can rest easy knowing an professional experienced property management firm is handling every intricate detail of your real estate portfolio.

If you’re looking to fill vacancies faster, keep tenants longer, and add more efficient systems along the way, here’s how our specialized Multi-family Programs can help with your properties:

  • Professional Onsite Management Especially with multi-family units, keeping tenants happy can be a messy job. As the face of your business, we do everything we can to represent you with class and dignity, while turning your tenants into raving fans.
  • Affordable Maintenance & Remodeling Services Not if, but when you need maintenance and remodeling services our in-house maintenance crews offer 24/7 onsite and emergency services, saving you money and protecting your investment.
  • Security & Parking Lot Maintenance Not only does this create a safe and friendly environment, but it protects your property, and your tenants. Plus, it’s a nice feature when future tenants are viewing the property.
  • Landscaping & Amenity Operations Presentation, presentation, presentation. Not only does this add immediate value, but it also increases the value of your property as a whole.
  • Reputation, Ethics & Integrity While 2012 reported more than $1 billion in tenant security deposits illegally kept by disreputable landlords, The Property Management Connection, reflecting our immovable standards and uncompromising vision that your property is our asset and security deposit are held in a trust account and are shown on your statement. We document the property prior to move in with pictures thus having a history of the property . When the tenants moves out we can process the security deposit in a timely manner with evidence if needed.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing on our management services and maintenance.
  • Risk Mitigation & Liability Insurance Up to $10 Million
  • Rich Technology & Simplified Online Reporting You get immediate, real-time access to everything you need to know, including: all financial statements, collections and disbursements, tenant rental payment history, work order history, property history, and more in one easy-to-read online dashboard.
  • Easy Tenant Payments Online Easy access, plus incentives, ensures timely rent collections.
  • And much, much, more...

Please contact The Property Management Connection for more information and find out if our services are right for you. There’s no obligation, and the quote’s free.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Ruth C.

    The Property Management Connection has turned out to be a very reliable property management company over the past few years. What I really love about them is they are always quick about getting back to me and they're happy to answer all of my questions...

  • Barbara S.

    I have used these folks for the last 4 years. I have had 2 different tenants in there and was quite happy with both of them. The last tenant is still there after almost three years! If repairs are ever needed they respond quickly and get the job done without me having to worry.

  • Isabel k.

    Very easy and hassle free company to deal with. They are always very professional. Their always very good to me, and I would recommend any investor to use them.

  • Dan C.

    I'm very happy with the work they have been doing for me the last year. I always feel like their top client and the results I've got have been great. The tenants they have found me are great, and the rent checks are consistent couldn't be more pleased!

  • Darlene L. Young

    I'd love to keep renting through you since I know you are good managers and good people :)! Thanks Leslie and Becky!

  • Jean and Robin

    We are very happy with you and Bob, no matter what the name is. Good luck, I am sure most of or all of your customers feel the same way.

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